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The Last Job

Barry has made a terrible mistake, and one that could lead to dire repercussions for his colleague Mike too. But is everything as it seems? The Last Job is a fast paced short film with an unexpected conclusion.

MyDarling Wife

The London region winner of the Orange/BAFTA 60 seconds of fame competition. The Mayor and his wife get ready to meet his public. The music for this is entitled Behind Closed Doors.


The UK winner of the Intel Virtual Film Festival. This is a quirky short from Tim Witherden and Straight Curve Productions. The everyday man turns superhero in his attempt to rescue a damsel in distress. But is there more to this than meets the eye? Watch this 75 second short to find out.


We have all had "one of those days". But things normally get better. Watch this 75second short to see if that will be the case here.


This is a piece of film from the MFTM course. It is an old BA advert on which we had to pastiche a Clousseau styled piece of music.